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Artist Bio


"There are things in this life that make you feel complete, inspired, passionate. You keep them as moments you cherish and hold them close to your heart. You share these feelings with others in hope that they will understand how important they are to you. Art is that 'thing' that makes me feel complete."

I am constantly pushing myself to learn new skills and to apply those skills to my artwork. What I hope is to inspire, encourage, and strengthen the beauty that each person has to give to this world. I hope to do this through my art. We are all here to give the best version of ourselves and in a world that tries to define us by how much money we make and how much stuff we accumulate, I am here to inspire a different story. 

Having parents that believed strongly in the values of homeschooling, I had a unique opportunity to explore the world of art without outside influences and with the unending possibilities of my imagination. After high school I continued my pursuit of art at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where I acquired my Bachelor of Science in Studio Art and studied under my professors who guided me through various facets of art, including studies in welding and metal work. 


After college, I took time off and pursued a job at Star Fire Swords in Spencer, NY where I learned the art of sword making and metal work. This new found skill has given me the ability to strengthen my interest in sculpture through welding, which I've used to create pieces that embrace organic textures and shapes.


After several months,  I felt that it was time to move on and continue my education in the world of art. I was accepted into Mansfield University's Art Education program and earned my Masters in Art Education in 2011. From there, I was hired at Animal Care Sanctuary, a non-profit no-kill facility, where I worked my way up to Assistant Supervisor and eventually began a new position as the Director of Enrichment and Behavior in 2014. I found myself using my experiences in art to connect with local schools and colleges, as well as surrounding businesses and communities, to help promote awareness of Animal Care Sanctuary. What I realized at that point was how beautiful art really is and how it can be used to create change and make the world a more positive place. My art's purpose is to inspire, create change, and to share my concerns and passion in my community and throughout the country.


I continue to work and further my art by painting landscapes, welding sculptures, and participating in local art festivals, all while holding exhibitions throughout the area.

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